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My name is Stephan Hovnanian. I am a content solutions architect at Bambu, an advocacy platform by Sprout Social. I work with B2B companies to develop creative, engaging content strategies for their advocacy programs that their employees and brand champions find valuable and easy to share.

Before joining Sprout Social (which is a crazy story), I ran my own email marketing and web consultancy outside Boston called Shovi Websites. I've spent my career managing most facets of online marketing for my own company and clients, with a focus that puts the emphasis on goals, growth, and conversion.

Use the "Let's Connect" tab above to chat with me about any advocacy or email marketing challenges your company is facing, or to explore webinar, podcast, or speaking opportunities.

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Employee Advocacy – an Untapped Resource for Law Firms

Employee advocacy is when an employee talks favorably to others about the company he or she works for. At its most basic level, it’s word-of-mouth marketing. This article explores the advantages of employee advocacy programs in law firms.

Best Practices and Challenges for Advocacy Programs

Honored to have spent some time with an amazing couple, Jeff and Michelle Julian of Enterprise Marketer, chatting about how to tactically engage your workforce. Enjoy! When marketing to customers in a digital age, having a team of supportive employees who advocate the brand is essential to help amplify your messages.  However, even the most […]

Content Marketing Metrics That Matter

Came across a thread on about the “Top 3 metrics every content marketer should track”. Had to weigh in after reading the responses because, well, they catered to the wannabe blogger superstar and had very little actionable insight to measurable business goals. Since we’re talking about content marketers, whose role is presumably to drive […]