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My name is Stephan Hovnanian. I am a content solutions architect at Bambu, an advocacy platform by Sprout Social. I work with B2B companies to develop creative, engaging content strategies for their advocacy programs that their employees and brand champions find valuable and easy to share.

Before joining Sprout Social (which is a crazy story), I ran my own email marketing and web consultancy outside Boston called Shovi Websites. I've spent my career managing most facets of online marketing for my own company and clients, with a focus that puts the emphasis on goals, growth, and conversion.

Use the "Let's Connect" tab above to chat with me about any advocacy or email marketing challenges your company is facing, or to explore webinar, podcast, or speaking opportunities.

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Do we really have to hate on marketing influencers?

Recently, a marketer friend of mine shared her frustration on Facebook with the state of “influencer marketing.” Her point (and a totally valid one) was that every podcast, presentation, blog round-up, and webinar seemed to include the same dozen or so names, and were alienating some great up-and-comers. As a self-proclaimed up-and-comer, I would obviously […]

How to Tap Into Your Company’s Marketing Influencers

Everybody wants more traffic, sales, and conversions for their business, but generating it can cost serious time, people, and money! What if you could get help from a tribe of people who already love your brand and would be happy to spread the word? In this session you will learn how a structured advocacy program […]

From One Sprout All Star to Another

I’ve written before about how my advocacy (as a customer) for my current employer as a member of their (our?) Sprout All Stars program ultimately earned me a job with them. To bring things full circle, I had a chance (now as an employee) to highlight some of my favorite aspects of Bambu with one […]